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Cookery Classes in Harrogate

At Elite Meat, we offer butchery/cookery classes to help attendees from the Harrogate area improve all aspects of their culinary skills. As one of Britain’s best butchers, we try to encourage as many people as possible to take on our classes, and to learn the best cut and the best cooking technique for the whole animal. These elements ensure they get the best value out of their meat and help them make the most out of it.


The intensive cookery classes address how to best select and cook the vast range of meat and poultry available in today’s market. You will learn about different cuts of meat and how to cook them correctly. All meat used in our cookery classes is organic and reared from our own farms near Harrogate.




  • Pork (learn how to butcher a side of pork and how best to cook it)
  • Beef (learn how we butcher beef and how best to cook it)
  • Lamb (learn how to butcher a side of lamb and how best to cook it)
  • Chicken (learn how to butcher a chicken, portion a chicken and
    several different ways to cook it)




  • Curing Bacon Gammons
  • Sausage and Burger Making
  • Sous Vide Cooking
  • Posh Nosh




  • Full Carcass Butchering and How to Utilise the Whole Carcass

During butchery/cookery classes held in our cookery school near Harrogate, Gordon will teach you simple butchery skills, a range of cooking methods to get the best results from locally-sourced, ethically-farmed meat and how to waste nowt. You will also learn how to sharpen and use a knife, like a butcher, faithfully and effectively.


Our butchery classes are aimed at the professional chef or butcher in Harrogate who wants to learn how to deal with, and utilise, the full carcass.


Cooking classes are designed for culinary enthusiasts who want to pick up new skills and learn more about what they eat. We also educate students on how we ethically farm our meat on land near Harrogate and how to get the best out of our animals.


Get the most out of cookery classes in Harrogate and:


  • Take home the skills and knowledge need to create great meat dishes at home
  • Receive expert tuition from one of the UK’s best butchers
  • Get proper hands-on experience
  • Learn why we use ethically-farmed, locally-sourced produce and the benefits of doing so

Call Elite Meat on 01423 883194 to enquire about cookery and butchery classes held at our Harrogate store. We are available 6 days a week.